RTR Sprint 2 Sport

RTR Sprint 2 Sport
Our Easiest to Use Street Car!

The RTR Sprint 2 Sport is a fun, easy to drive and simple to maintain street car, featuring a belt-drive 4WD touring car for total control at all times. You will get blistering acceleration, high top speeds and pinpoint control with our specially designed D compound, treaded X-Pattern tyres, pre-mounted on officially licensed replicas of the famous Volk TE37 wheels. The chassis is factory assembled right out of the box, making the Sprint 2 Sport the quick and easy way to practice your mad racing skills. The RTR Sprint 2 Sport is a complete machine that looks and drives just like the real thing!

The Sprint 2 Sport is now available fitted with the extra-cool Porsche 911 GT3 RS bodyshell for track-day good looks and awesome performance!



Length: 17" (431mm)
Height: 5" (127mm)
Width: 7.9" (200mm)
Wheelbase: 10" (254mm)

Tehnički detalji

7-15 dana
1.890,00 kn